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Amy is a certified death doula + medium here to illuminate dying, death, and the afterlife. 

She provides compassionate, non-medical support and companionship  — practical, emotional, and spiritual — for the whole human and their circle of loved ones as they work together to navigate this most sacred time of life.


Her mission is to help humanity remember the healing wisdom around dying and death that each of us already hold and is our birthright.

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Read about Amy (that's her at right!) and her death doula peers thanks to front-page coverage in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Access online, or download a pdf.

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Learn about Amy's work as a death doula + medium


Amy's newsletter/blog, published on Substack for free


Gatherings that illuminate the circle of life


Favorite books, websites, partners and other links


Indigenous wisdom and ceremony for ease and peace


Clients speak for themselves about Amy's work

Inspired Dying Logo C4.png

Next up, "Walking Each Other Home," perfect for supporting a loved one in transition, and "Summer School with Spirit" to help you understand and grow your connection!


Amy's divinely guided collaboration
with meditative artist and poet Angela L. Chostner
brings Heavenly healing to Earth.

“I see the light, love, and healing embodied in the dying and death processes that others don’t see but should. We can learn and grow exponentially and truly enhance our shared experience on this planet by engaging with dying and death and helping others do the same.”

Read Amy's interview with VoyagesSTL


Amy offers Death Rites based in
ancient wisdom, facilitating ease and peace.

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