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Meet Amy

I am Amy Rush — a certified death doula offering end-of-life education, support, and inspiration for the whole human and their circle of loved ones.

My online and in-person offerings, private sessions, and writings are all designed with you — your heart, really — at top of mind. These resources exist to help you know your own light and power — your own path forward across the river of life.

Image by Eric Masur

My Mission

My overarching mission is to help decrease fear and increase peace around all things end-of-life. To do this, I provide education and inspiration that elevates the human experience of dying and death.

In my work, I see the whole human — our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves, all of which deserve compassion, especially during our final days. My offerings are rooted in this holistic understanding and are designed to meet you wherever you are along the circle of life.


You can do this. You are not alone. There is vast support, guidance, and love available to you. Let me show you.

Meet Amy, hear her story, and listen to what clients have to say about working with her.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.


River Rapids
I can’t say enough about Amy’s heart, compassion, and authenticity. She is truly one of the biggest gifts I’ve received in this lifetime and without her guidance over the past six months, I would be in a much different place in life. But with her help, I have been able to deepen my spirituality, and understand life how is happening for me, and to grow with that flow."

Sarah, Illinois

My Why

The back-to-back passings of my father and grandmother, both of whom I was blessed to tend to in their final days on Earth, catapulted me into the work of helping others navigate dying and death.


As infinitely beautiful and healing as their passings were, I saw the holes. I saw grossly broken parts of our healthcare and funeral industries, our culture’s utter neglect of this phase of life, our individual (false!) belief structures about dying and death that are so self-defeating. I saw how much fear we assume, create, and carry about dying, death, and life! I saw fear, suffering, worry, and heartbreak that we do not need to bear. Not at all.


Based on what I experienced, I knew that death could be better — and that we could be better individuals, community members, and global citizens if we reclaimed our inherent, God-given rights and choices in dying and death — and if we just created and held the time and space to experience it once again.


Dying and death have been a lifelong fascination of mine, really. I had even formally studied it through several different lenses in college and grad school. But as I served my loved ones as they transitioned, a big, giant, glowing door of light blew open and beckoned irresistibly. I was called to go through it. A calling is an invitation that you cannot resist, even if you try. But I didn’t bother resisting. Why would I? I knew where I was wanted and needed. So I walked through that door. Actually, I ran through it, full-speed, heart in hand — and now my mission is to get you to see and know and be one with that light as well.


Thank you Dad. Thank you Mama Dia. My service is dedicated to you and all of my ancestors who have gone before me in love and light.

Image by Mathieu Bigard


Education + Certification 

  • B.A. Communication

  • M.A. Communication

  • Certified Death Doula with additional training in home funerals and green burials

  • Member, National End-of-Life Doula Alliance

  • NEDA Proficient*​

  • Fully insured by CM&F Group

  • Reiki Master, Usui and Lightarian

*The NEDA proficiency badge signifies that an end-of-life-doula has met the alliance's high standards for communications and interpersonal skills, professionalism, organizational and management skills, technical skills, values and ethics.

Amy adheres to the NEDA's Code of Ethics, which are specific to Quality Care, Safety, Privacy and Confidentiality, and Equality. 

pro badge.jpeg

Good morning, Amy,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to talk about death doulas with my volunteers and staff.

They were impressed and are very excited to learn how we can utilize death doulas in conjunction with hospice.

One of our marketers were there and she has requested, if possible, some business cards or some information she might be able to hand out to facilities and physician offices. She would gladly pass on the information as would I.

Thank you for all you do!
Volunteer Coordinator
National Hospice Service Provider

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