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I serve clients from the Celestial Room at Joy of Yoga in Brentwood, Mo. In addition, I travel to meet with the dying and their loved ones wherever they are — homes, hospice centers, ERs, assisted living facilities. This is something I’m accustomed to and very comfortable doing, so if this need arises, just let me know, and we will make it happen.

Schedule Online

If you require days/times that appear unavailable online, please email me at so I that can accommodate you.

Death Doula Services

As a death doula, I meet you wherever you and/or your loved ones are (literally and figuratively) in the dying and death process with the overarching goal of decreasing fear and increasing peace. During our time together, I provide fully personalized practical, spiritual, and emotional support for dying individuals directly and/or their loved ones, including entire families. I also work with the living (no death on the radar) in preparation for what’s next.

Mediumship Appointments

Mediumship enables the living to commune with the dead, and I am humbled and honored to serve both sides of the veil with this sacred service. During our time together, I bring through messages of love, healing, hope, gratitude, and support — only that of the Light — from your passed loved one(s) and occasionally a “guardian angel” or other unseen guide or two should they make themselves known.

If you schedule a mediumship appointment, please read this page on my website as soon as possible. 


Please give a minimum 24 hour notice of cancellations, more if possible. I plan — energetically, spiritually, and practically — for my client meetings far in advance, so any additional courtesy you can grant in cancelling and rescheduling your meeting would be greatly appreciated. 


I accept cash or Venmo at the time of service.

Initial doula consult: $100/hr

Death doula appointments: $180/hr

Mediumship appointments: $200/hr


Joy of Yoga

8918 Manchester Road
Brentwood MO 63144

Park in the back of the building, which is also where the entrance is. (Use door B, Healing Center.) Proceed downstairs, where I will greet you in the hallway. My room is the fourth door on the left.

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