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Current and historical class offerings are listed here.
In addition, Amy offers custom gatherings for small groups and organizations.

Death is natural. You need not fear it.

Join St. Louis-based death doula, Amy Rush, at Chakra Wellness in The Grove for a demystification of the dying and death processes. In this workshop, Amy explores the empathetic role of the death doula, uncovering who are they, what do they do, and how they help. Through introducing the myriad of specialties encapsulated within her practice, Amy shares when and where to turn for doula services, how to cater these needs to match your own journey, and how all of us can create and hold space for the dying and death processes.

In this client-forward dialogue, specific time will be held for a public Q & A session, making this a wonderful event for those who are curious about the death doula-ship field and all it entails. Within the comfort of this workshop, attendees find ample opportunity for connection and community. Each attendee will walk away with resources at their fingertips to help them more confidently and competently navigate this natural phase of life. 

Signs: Messages from Across the Veil

The universe is always communicating messages of love and support through signs and synchronicities. This includes your loved ones who have transitioned, your guardian angels, and your spirit guides: they are absolutely communicating with you, and you can be in conversation with them! Death is not "the end," and signs prove it. In this class, we'll talk about what signs are, how they function, what they mean, and how to work with them to strengthen your bridge to spirit.

What is a Death Doula?

It's time to remember how to support each other in dying and death, and the death doula role is instrumental this way. We'll cover the basics — what death doulas (a.k.a. end-of-life doulas) are, our vast range of fascinating specialties, and how/when to access doula help. Learn why and how we “create and hold space” and how you can, too. Time will be reserved for Q & A, so if you’ve ever wondered about any aspect of this role — or how to better support a dying loved one in general, this is a great opportunity to connect!

What the Dying Teach Us

The stories that the dying tell us, both literally and figuratively, can help us better understand their experiences and needs. And as caregivers, we can learn to transform these improved understandings into more compassionate caregiving — for both the dying and ourselves. We'll discuss common end-of-life occurrences, using the physical process as a guide for what's concurrently happening emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. This class will be informative for anyone but especially meaningful if you are helping or expect to help a loved one navigate their transition.

Death is Not The End

In this class, we'll discuss a spectrum of evidence that the death of our physical bodies is by no means "the end." Specifically we will talk about what the dying and death processes and near death experiences teach us about ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience. We are so much bigger, more beautiful, and more powerful than we realize — and dying and death illuminates this fact. Come explore how!

Green(er) Ways to Go

We’ll discuss planet-friendlier options for remains management — both human and pet! — and important consumer awareness considerations that help you better navigate the after-death-care / remains industry. Learn about your choices and rights in this space, and also learn about beautiful, Earth-friendly ideas for how to work with those remains in healing ways, perhaps even to grow new life.

Legacy Projects: Love Never Dies

There are countless ways to create meaningful presences and keepsakes that connect us across the river of life — to help remind us of the love we share, which never dies. From the widely known to the wildly unique, we’ll cover a range in this session and swap ideas that spark your inspiration and creativity!

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