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Why: The Light Cards story

I’ve known for ages that conventional “sympathy cards” (conventional greeting cards in general) miss the mark completely. They focus on lack and sorrow, failing to facilitate meaningful healing in any way.

No more “I’m sorry” and "for your loss." Please, let's stop with this.


We are not sorry beings, and we are not sorry to have learned from each other during our shared time on Earth. We are not losing, nobody is lost, we are not losers.

Rather, we are powerful, infinite beings who are grateful and inspired beyond measure for the gift of our loved ones' lives! We should say this! The "In Gratitude" Light Card speaks to the lessons that we should be noting at death — gratitude, compassion, love, and light.


And the whole Light Card collection — applicable to infinite life scenarios —  help us empower each other as we navigate any number of life experiences, not just death. You simply can’t go wrong in sending love and light. Only right.


With love and light,



Who + When: Sending Light Cards

Light Cards are the perfect way to send messages of gratitude, empowerment, and compassion to anyone for any reason under the sun. Or no reason at all. You never need a reason to send love and light (and truth be told, you don’t even need a card to do so, either).


Everyone and anyone

Kids, adults, kids at heart, friends, family, lovers, teachers, students, helpers, bosses, employees, those with whom we seek reconciliation… And recipients don’t have to be “alive!” Writing cards to passed loved ones can be intensely healing.


Any and all life events

Births and birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, moves, graduations, promotions, passings including miscarriages and deaths; pet passings; transitions (retirement, job change, relationship separation, and divorce); times of physical and mental illness; times of stress, uncertainty, and discord; a freakishly long string of frequent flat tires (true story!); and on and on and on… Anything and everything — Light Cards work.


In Gratitude: 
The new "sympathy card"

Light Cards were born out of a deeply held understanding that humans can and should think, feel, and believe differently about death. One style in particular — In Gratitude — exists for this purpose.

In Gratitude

This simply stated and plainly designed card is meant to inspire all of us to seek, find, and nurture gratitude for all things at all times — even and especially in times of so-called “loss.” Nobody, no body, is a loss. We are not losing, we have not lost, we are not lost.

Instead let us mark the passing of loved one’s by reflecting on the lessons they continue to help teach us, the light they continue to share with us, the love they embodied as humans and now continue to in spirit.

How: Ideas + Inspiration


Always include the name of the recipient and your name as the sender. This seems obvious but it’s worth noting, as this intentionality helps empower your message. Your message can be as simple as “To Annie, From Steve.” That’s really all it needs to say. Anything more is icing on the cake (card).  


Ideas for additional sentiments

I love you.
Thank you.
In gratitude

With heartfelt appreciation
You teach me so much.
You help me be a better person.

You help me see my light.

You make the world a better place.

I see your light.

It's time to shine.

I see light in you that you don’t see in yourself.

Believe in your light.

You are a brilliant light in the world.

You are powerful beyond measure.

Be brave.

Fight fear.

In a world without fear, we heal.

It's time to heal.

You can do anything.
You inspire me.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you for your light.

Your light brightens my life.

I’m here to help.

You are surrounded by love and light.

I hold you in the brightest light.

I treasure the memories of our love.


Light Cards are dedicated to my dad, my grandparents, and all of my ancestors who have gone before me in great love.


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