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In-person and virtual


I consider mediumship to be a sacred service, as I have deep and abiding reverence for the benevolent and compassionate energies that support and guide all of us at all times. It is my honor and privilege to connect you with these energies — for your highest and greatest good and that alone. 


Please review this page for instructions and considerations that help make the most of your connection.

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These tried-and-true instructions will enhance your mediumship experience

Extend an Invite

In preparation for our time together, please invite (in your thoughts, prayers, journal, whatever) the loved one(s) you want to hear from. This human world is based in free will — and so too is the spirit world. As such, we respect and honor them as we would anyone else… We invite them to share in our appointment, tell them when and where it is going to be, state how excited we are for them to attend, and then release any and all expectations from there. This intentionality helps direct spirit energy where it needs to go (or not), facilitating as clear a connection as possible.


How This Works

I work very hard every day (and in my sleep) to be as clear and strong of a channel as humanly possible. What does this look and sound like to you, during our appointment? When I connect to the unseen, I first close my eyes, say prayers, and state my openness for spirit to work with me and through me on your behalf. Once I connect, I download to you what I receive. It looks like and feels like a conversation among loved ones. Nothing weird or scary at all. You will be held in a light- and love-filled space the entire time.


Just the Channel

Because I am “just” the channel, I deliver what I receive. I do NOT edit it, translate it, add to or subtract from it, or “make up” anything. If I did, spirit would not trust me; I’d be out of a job with them in no time flat. Finally and most importantly, I do not edit it in any way because the messages I get are FOR YOU. They are for you to know, understand, trust, work with — not me. I deliver them — that’s it.


Openness and Gratitude

The greatest gifts you can give yourself are openness and gratitude. Being open to the spirit world and their messages is a choice. Choose to be open to their messages and also to the varying kinds of messages you get. You may or may not get to talk to the passed loved one that you thought you would during our appointment. Maybe you get to talk to someone else you know — or maybe you get to talk to your guardian angels or spirit guides! No matter who or what connects with you, those are the exact connections meant for you at the time that you receive them. With the spirit world (and the universe in general), you get what you need. Trust it. Suspend all judgment this way — of them, their messages, me, even yourself. Above all else, be grateful. Gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions that we can express as humans. It works miracles. Live and love in gratitude and witness your connection to spirit blossom.


There’s Always More

The spirit world is out there — it’s everywhere — all the time. And you… You are so much more powerful than you realize, so much more loved and supported than you could ever imagine.

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Am I your medium?

In this blog post, I distill what I know to be true based on years of readings — what helps, what hinders, what enhances, what detracts. Learn more about how I work, what to expect, and how to make the most of your mediumship session.

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Holistic best practices for tending to yourself at the conclusion of a mediumship session 

Perhaps you want to know what you might feel like after a session, or your session has concluded and you’re trying to make sense of what you are experiencing? Here are some of my best practices for tending to your whole self after a mediumship session. 



Now is a good time to up your self-care practices. Because you have been in the direct presence of higher-frequency energies, you may feel more emotional than usual, more tired, or perhaps even more wired! Some people feel woozy or lightheaded, too. All of this is okay, totally normal, and to be expected. Don’t judge or criticize yourself. (This is Amy saying this — but also your passed loved ones!) Rather, treat yourself extra kindly.


For the next 24 or so hours especially, rest when you need to, get out in nature if possible, and drink more water and/or other healthy and hydrating liquids. 


On the way home, stop at a favorite park and take a walk or just sit at a bench and breathe fresh air. Buy yourself that expensive coffee you usually deny yourself. Listen to favorite music (and note what your stereo plays… it is not random!).


Once you are home, put your feet up, journal, take a nap. This evening, take a salt bath or use a salt scrub in the shower. For your bath, I recommend 2 cups of bath salts + 1 cup of magnesium flakes. For your shower, I recommend a combination of 50% salt + 50% baking soda mixed together with a bit of water to form a paste that you then use as a body scrub. These practices are incredibly cleansing and restorative. 


During the next 24-28 hours, you may experience increased synchronicities and vivid dreams. You also may receive more signs, symbols, and other messages. Pay attention, and then acknowledge, thank, and follow the guidance you receive. These are all affirmations of your loved ones’ presences and encouragement for you to continue engaging in their loving energies. And the more you express your gratitude for them, the more you will receive! 


All of this being said, if you feel or experience NONE of this — that’s okay too! Don’t judge! This doesn’t mean that the reading didn’t “work” or that your loved ones are now “gone” or have otherwise “left” you. This is just not true. Every single person on the planet experiences life differently. Grant yourself so much grace this way. And trust me when I tell you this: You are always surrounded by an abundance of love and light greater than you can even imagine.


Thank you for this opportunity to serve the light on your behalf.

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Read what clients have to say about their mediumship sessions with Amy


"Oh my gosh, Amy. I know you experience this on the daily, but you were spot on with absolutely everything. And once we all met you, we were able to find so much peace and healing with Mom. Everyone was able to let go. You were so incredibly helpful. Much love to you!"


 "You bring comfort and certainty that we will be — and are — with our beloved."


"Amy was very connected. You could tell through her body language and energy. She knew nothing prior about me or my family, and almost everything that came through was spot on. I cried several times at the accuracy and I could almost hear my mom's personality coming through her: It was like I was talking directly to my mom."
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