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Sacred connections across the veil


I consider mediumship to be sacred service, so I take a limited number of appointments and work with clients by word-of-mouth introduction. If you have landed on this page, you are meant to be here and meant to commune with the spirit world.


Please review the info below in preparation for our time together. Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


With all my heart, I thank you for this opportunity to serve the Light.

Mediumship with Amy

The Best Job

Have you ever wanted to set a lamp, television, or appliance in a certain place but there wasn’t an outlet nearby? You probably used an extension cord to link the source of the power to the item in need. That’s what I am — an energetic link between this world and the unseen, a bridge, a channel that connects us to Unity Consciousness, of which all of us are a brilliant part. And I am SO EXCITED and GRATEFUL to share this connection with you. It’s exactly what spirit wants me to do — spread its messages of love, light, healing, hope, gratitude, and support to those who seek them but just need a link to aid the transfer. I help deliver messages of peace from Peace: I have the best job in the universe, and I love sharing it.


Extend an Invite

In preparation for our time together, please invite (in your thoughts, prayers, journal, whatever) the loved one(s) you want to hear from. This human world is based in free will — and so too is the spirit world. As such, we respect and honor them as we would anyone else… We invite them to share in our appointment, tell them when and where it is going to be, state how excited we are for them to attend, and then release all expectations from there. This intentionality helps direct spirit energy where it needs to go (or not), facilitating as clear a connection as possible.


How This Works

I work very hard every day (and in my sleep!) to be as clear and strong of a channel as humanly possible. What does this look and sound like to you, during our appointment? When I connect to the unseen, I first close my eyes, say prayers, and state my openness for spirit to work with me and through me on your behalf. Once I connect, I download to you what I receive. Throughout the connection, my eyes may be closed at times; this helps me more acutely focus on what I’m receiving. I also might gesture to help communicate what I’m being shown; I may even be instructed to gesture. 


Just the Channel

Because I am “just” the channel, I deliver what I receive. I do NOT edit it, translate it, add to or subtract from it, or “make up” anything. If I did, spirit would not trust me; I’d be out of a job with them in no time flat. Finally and most importantly, I do not edit it in any way because the messages I get are FOR YOU. They are for you to know, understand, trust, work with — not me. I deliver them — that’s it.


Openness and Gratitude

The greatest gifts you can give yourself are openness and gratitude. Being open to the spirit world and their messages is a choice. Choose to be open to their messages and also to the varying kinds of messages you get. You may or may not get to talk to the passed loved one that you thought you would during our appointment. Maybe you get to talk to someone else you know — or maybe you get to talk to your guardian angels or spirit guides! No matter who or what connects with you, those are the exact connections meant for you at the time that you receive them. With the spirit world (and the universe in general), you get what you need. Trust it. Suspend all judgement this way — of them, their messages, me, even yourself. Above all else, be grateful. Gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions that we can express as humans. It works miracles. Live and love in gratitude and witness your connection to spirit blossom.


There’s Always More

The spirit world is out there — it’s everywhere — all the time. And you… You are so much more powerful than you realize, so much more loved and supported than you could ever imagine.


Peace to you on your path.

“I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do a reading for me. I've re-read my notes from that day several times and they bring me such comfort. For the first time since my mom passed, I truly feel at peace. ... Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. You are all the proof I need to know that there are angels among us.

S.S. — death doula + mediumship client

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