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Education + Inspiration

Classes, talks, and workshops

Amy offers education and inspiration that illuminates and elevates the human experience of dying and death. Offerings include both in-person and virtual gatherings and downloadable classes and talks.


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"I loved every minute. Not sure I physically moved the entire time, I was so captivated. Amazing — I can’t wait for the next class."


"Amy's workshop was outstanding! It would have been ideal to at least double the time dedicated. The time went by so quickly. I hope to attend her other workshops, too. I love her so much!!!"


"Everything in your classes has really resonated with me. I love the way you approach these subjects."

Past Offerings

A sampling of small-group gatherings, in-person talks, and custom workshops that Amy has led in the past.

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Image by Gio Bartlett

Walking Each Other Home

A three-part series that educates on common end-of-life challenges + opportunities for support

Image by Terry Tan De Hao

The Death Doula

What we are, our vast range of specialties, and how/when to access doula help.

Image by Aaron Burden

Going Green

A survey of the deathcare  choices and rights that help heal humanity and the planet

Image by Diego PH

Mastering Your Energy

An exploration of best practices for optimal wellbeing — lots of ideas and inspiration

Image by Worshae

Summer School with Spirit

A three-part series on connecting with and growing your connection to the spiritual realm

Image by Casey Horner

Compassionate Cosmos

Exploring the benevolent and compassionate interdimensional support available to us all

Image by Rebecca Peterson-Hall

Vigil Volunteer Training

Best practices and idea sharing for vigil volunteers of a national hospice organization

Image by Zdeněk Macháček


What signs are and how to work with them to enrich your life and your spiritual connection

Image by Pete Nuij

Death Wisdom

Connecting with the illuminating end-of-life wisdom of great thinkers, from shamans to MDs

Image by Håkon Grimstad

What the Dying Teach Us

Cues from the dying experience that inform and enable compassionate caregiving 

Image by Thomas Kinto

Demystifying Death

Death is natural, and you are absolutely capable of navigating it and growing from it

Image by Byron Johnson

Death is Not The End

What the dying and Near Death Experiences teach us about ourselves as spiritual beings

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