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Am I your medium?

The saying goes, “There’s a medium for everyone.”

I may or may not be your medium. 

What do I mean by this? Below, I distill what I know to be true based on years of readings — what helps, what hinders, what enhances, what detracts.

Bottom line: Intention is everything… What is yours?

I want all of my clients to maximize the potential power of mediumship to heal. I want you walking away from your reading feeling whole, lighter, more peaceful. I want you to feel — to know, in no uncertain terms — that you are truly connected with an abundance of unseen, compassionate support available to all of us at all times. 

Here are my top tips for making this happen.

I am your medium if…

  • You are seeking connection with passed loved ones and/or guides.

  • You are seeking this connection for loved-based reasons that may include the following: greater understanding of yourself and others; greater peace; healing and hopefulness; clarity and direction; affirmation and validation that you are guided and supported by unseen benevolent and compassionate forces; and release from doubts, worries, anxieties, and fears.

  • You are open to receiving the spirit world’s messages that are meant for you at this particular moment in time and space. They know what we need to receive better than we do. 

  • You are willing to surrender expectation and attachment to outcomes. Coming to your session as free as possible of these hindrances allows the energy to flow more clearly and abundantly, serving your highest and greatest good that much more effectively. 

I am not your medium if…

  • You are seeking entertainment — tricks, a show, or a performance.

  • You expect me to read exactly what’s on your mind. I do not mind read; I access high-vibration energies that have messages for you, and I deliver those messages.

  • You are seeking detailed information that solves your human problems for you, e.g., how to find money quickly, how to change unpleasant people in your life to your benefit. We live on a free-choice planet, and we are here to learn and grow based on exercising our free will. As such, the spirit world does not download instructions (to me or any other medium) for how to get rich quick or fix others. 

  • You are deeply rooted in skepticism and disbelief. If you enter our time together in great doubt, your session will not feel as amazing as it very well could. Doubt creates a very palpable resistance that will severely limit the potential of the session to touch you, heal your heart, and transform your understandings.

  • You have very specific expectations for what will happen in your session. If you are hoping to hear certain things, just jot them down on a piece of paper or in a journal prior to the appointment — and then leave them there; do not bring them to the appointment literally or figuratively. Chances are, the spirit would will cover them anyway in some way, shape, or form.

  • You are experiencing emotional dysregulation and/or unmanaged mental illness. In this case, please seek the counsel and treatment of medically-trained professionals.

What do you think? What do you feel? Do you have any questions? Reach out — I'm happy to answer them!

Or maybe you're ready to book a session? Click the button below that applies to you for a direct link to my online calendar. See you soon!


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