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Coming full circle at 50

20-something Amy could never have conceived of me now. Keep going!

The Cramer Institute crew at the Saint Louis Art Museum, May 2001

In my mid 20s, I worked for three phenomenal women who ran a leadership consulting business based here in St. Louis. They were smart (in all the ways, not merely intellectually), funny, compassionate, generous, grounded, loving — ideal mentors for whom I am forever grateful. 

Above, we're pictured at a company outing to the Saint Louis Art Museum. Partners Kathy Cramer PhD, Terri Goslin-Jones, and Judy Dubin stand behind me (at bottom right, in the stripes), and office manager Colleen Moore sits at bottom left. Standing behind all of us is business manager Russell Cole.

I am especially grateful for Kathy, Terri, and Judy's openness and encouragement in sharing with me ideas about and resources that explore the power of human consciousness. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) was one of the resources they turned me on to. They'd let me take home the new issues of IONS's magazine as soon as they arrived at the office. Remember, this is back when magazines were a sought-after source of content — waaaay back when (ha!).

I used to devour each issue, equally fascinated and comforted by the fact that there was an entire organization of great thinkers out in the world somewhere that was investigating the very topics that I KNEW to be “real" but weren't recognized and respected by our larger culture. I remember how I didn't really have anyone else to discuss these ideas with, outside of these three women. My 20-something peers often made fun of my reading lists (e.g., Deekpak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Carolyn Myss) and incessant talk of "chi" — and honestly, I'd laugh at myself along with them. 

These days, as I near 50 years old, I'm laughing — but no longer at myself, making myself small. No no no. I'm laughing in delight at my journey.

This weekend, I was asked by local IONS chapter heads Ed and Linda Smith to help present the topic of mediumship along with my dear friend and peer Katie Wedding. What a full-circle moment this event was for me.

The IONS meeting agenda. 20-something Amy would never have seen this coming.

As I sat with the group — so warm, friendly, and open — as a guest speaker, I thought of that relatively lonely and isolated 20-something me. She NEVER would have imagined that not only would she be doing the work that IONS attempts to explain but that she'd be invited by IONS members to discuss it as an "expert." Mind blown; heart melted. As I sit here even days later typing this, I'm misty eyed at recalling that young woman who knew her truth but didn't know what to do with it. Yet.

IONS is also 50 years old. Founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth human to walk on the moon, it continues to "shoot for the moon" in its ongoing quest to explore the interconnectedness of all life.

Its boundary-pushing efforts still inspire me and of course so many others, too. It’s exciting to be alive at a time when science in general is merging with spirituality, mysticism, shamanism… It’s all coming together now, and it’s all pointing in the same direction — confirming in no uncertain terms that there is soooo much more to this world — and to YOU — than meets the eye. And it’s all good, hopeful, helpful, powerful, and empowering. 

If you are seeking, KEEP GOING. Do you feel alone? Don't. Trust me, there are so many of us just waiting to read, gather, and chat about the very same things you're interested in. Are you laughed at? Laugh back, but not at yourself — in joy for this wild ride on this beautiful blue and green planet we're whirling through the cosmos on together. 


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