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It is time.

An eclipse download for all of us.

Solar eclipsing at City of the Sun, aka Cahokia Mounds, Mound 72

It is time to come home to yourself.

All those who have come before you wish you only well.

Use your voice. Who are you to choose not to? When it is aligned with your heart, it can do no wrong, cause no harm. Rather it is your superpower. Speak up, for goodness sakes. We’ve been waiting for you to do so. Lifetimes.

It is time.

There is nothing and nobody that can hurt you anymore. You are divinely protected, divinely guided. Lean in to THAT. All that is.

Summon all birds forth from their perches to sing a song of surrender. Of freedom.

Do not be afraid of your light. It is the candle to much darkness. Never doubt its ability to transform the darkest of hearts by its very presence alone.

You can do this. You were born for this. Rise.

What is the sum total of all parts except wholeness? You are to see only wholeness. That is your job.

Let the noise fall away. It is not yours; it is not for you.

It is time to soar.


This message came through loud and clear during the solar eclipse on 4.8.24. It was for me — but it's really for all of us, as we are all connected.

Just as this communication concluded, I received its cosmic explanation point — a direct fly-over from a massive hawk. (Not the one pictured as I was present in the moment and not on my phone with my camera app open.) I mean, it was precise how she appeared — our shoulders completely squared off to one another as she glided about 20 feet over my head, maybe less. I could see every feather.

I think I'll heed this message. You?

Love, Amy


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