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The Realm of Miracles

We're all gifted.

My work never ceases to amaze and inspire me. There are infinite reasons why, for my “office” is the threshold that contains both life and death. 


Envision a Venn diagram. I serve in the overlap of the two circles of life and death. And it is a miraculous place from which to behold the human experience.

I witness miracles during every client appointment — and even when I'm not “clocked in,” as time is powerless in this space. 


These miracles sound like highly specific evidence that our passed loved ones are still with us; look like the tears that well in a client's eyes with the realization that they are so much more than any sorrow, worries, or fears that they may be experiencing; and feel like the bear hugs I receive from them at the end of sessions — a gesture not lost on me for its resemblance to the diagram above.




After mediumship sessions in particular, clients often remark that I am “gifted.” I hear, “You are so lucky to have this gift.” “You were blessed with such an amazing gift.” In fact, over the weekend, I ran into a past client who said, “You're so connected; you're the real deal.” 


These sentiments, while kind and well-meaning (and sincerely appreciated!), imply that I have something “special” and “extra” that others do not. 



The truth is this: ALL OF US HAVE THIS GIFT! If I could shout any one thing from a rooftop, this would be it. 


All of us are “blessed” with it. All of us are “the real deal.” 


All of us are connected. 


All of us work in the realm of miracles, all the time.  


I just happen to be aware of my connection, our connection. I just happen to be aware of where I work, where we work. 


That's all. Awareness. That's the only so-called difference between you and me — and it's just one deep breath, one loving thought, one mindset shift, one prayer away.

As the energies of our visible world seem increasingly heightened these days, just know that there is an always safe, wholly nurturing, “amazing gift” of a place inside of you. 


Just like that turquoise space at the heart of the overlapping circles above, it's tucked away in your heart center — but it's not really “away” at all. It's just there, waiting for your awareness of it.


Dear reader,

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Love, Amy


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