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Never stop learning, never stop exploring.

Keep going.

Read, ask questions, journal, take classes, join workshops, pray, listen.

Seek YOUR truth. And then follow it.


Beyond Death

Rob Schwartz

  • Your Soul’s Plan

Brian Weiss MD

  • Many Lives, Many Masters

  • Messages from the Masters

Other Lives, Other Selves, by Roger Woolger PhD

Jill Bolte-Taylor

  • My Stroke of Insight

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross MD

Dancing on a Stamp, by Garnet Schulhauser 

Laura Lynne Jackson

  • Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

  • The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven, Lessons for the Living

Eben Alexander MD

  • Proof of Heaven

  • Living in a Mindful Universe

Reinventing Medicine, by Larry Dossey, MD

Atul Gawande

  • Being Mortal

  • Better

  • Complications

  • The Checklist Manifesto

C.S. Lewis

M. Scott Peck MD

Norman Cousins

  • Anatomy of an Illness

Paul Selig​



Reiki, by Cleveland Clinic Wellness

What are the benefits of Reiki, and does it work?,

All About Reiki: How this type of energy healing works and its health benefits, by Lauren Bedosky and medically reviewed by Justin Laube MD of Everyday Health

Reiki Can't Possibly Work. So Why Does It?, by Jordan Kisner in The Atlantic

Eternal Wisdom

Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu


The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran

Thich Nhat Hanh

Ram Dass

Florence Scovel Shinn

The Jeshua Channelings

The Way of the Rose, by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn

Carolyn Myss

  • Anatomy of the Spirit

  • Sacred Contracts

  • Defy Gravity

  • Invisible Acts of Power

  • Entering The Castle

Shakti Gawain

Sandra Ingerman

Don Miguel Ruiz

  • The Four Agreements

  • Beyond Fear

The Book of the Hopi, by Frank Waters

Animal Speak, Ted Andrews

Kenneth Meadows

  • The Medicine Way

  • Earth Medicine

  • Bird Medicine


Start and maintain your own journal
DailyOm and DailyGoodDaily emails, class offerings, and other inspiring content

Elizabeth Peru: Her Daily Tip-Off is pure magic

A Year of Positive Thinking, by Cyndie Spiegel: Daily tool for intention setting

365 TaoDaily tool for intention setting

Insight TimerAmazing totally free app with endless meditations, music, classes
The Shift NetworkClasses and other resources

MoojiMeditations and contemplations

The Way of the Rose, by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn

The Nature Fix, by Florence Williams

Anne Lamott

Sophia Rising:* The Divine Feminine

Angela Chostner:* Art and Poetry

Erin Duffy-Burke:* Sacred Embodied Healing

Joy of Yoga:* Healing for the whole human

Let Your Love Grow:* THE truly green burial method. Period.

Treebute:* A most meaningful and inspirational memorial gift
Center of Sound:* Healing for the whole human


*Local (St. Louis), female-owned and -operated

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