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Clients' words


Read and listen to what Amy's clients, class participants, and event hosts have to say about her work.

Image by Tim Mossholder


“I still can’t thank you enough for all of the support you provided us during this challenging time."



"Meeting Amy will change your perspective on death and dying — and will be one of the best and most fulfilling gifts you can give yourself."



"So blessed to have found you and to share with the world the warmth you bring to the unimaginable end."


Peace + Clarity

"Amy gave me so much closure, peace, and clarity. She has a warm and inviting soul. I would definitely work with her over and over again."



"I hope that I can continue to be open and pass on the wisdom that you have taught me."



"Amy gave me the courage to follow my own intuition about what my mom needed and how we could best help her make the journey home."


Sara's Story

I met Amy through a dear friend. Her guidance and patience through my dad's dying process was a great source of strength and power in a situation where I felt I had none.


Imagine waking up one day to the news of a terminal diagnosis of a loved one. I didn’t know what to expect, how to behave, how to embrace this, and how to be with him during this time. 90% of the time I wanted to run and hide, at least the child in me did. But Amy coached me and helped me understand that this end for him is just the beginning of another adventure, guided me on how best to support my grieving family and at the same time help them navigate this.


Even if your heart is too heavy and you can’t speak, there are many ways Amy could support you. Don’t get me wrong — it was hard, it still is and will be for some time — but Amy helped me see a little outside my family drama, helped me forcus on his wellbeing, and taught me how to accept and make the best out of his last days. Looking back now I realize how much her support really meant!


Thank you, Amy! You are the sunshine in the midst of a storm!

Alina, Italy

If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.

Meister Echkart

In trying to write a review about Amy, it’s hard to know where to start. She helped us so much both spiritually and practically, that it is difficult to get it down on paper in one succinct thought. 


From her spiritual gifts, to the way she helped us to navigate the red tape of hospice, her guidance was indispensable. Most people don’t have much experience in dealing with the details of the impending death of a loved one, and to be able to have Amy’s calm steady presence was everything in those moments.


Her intellect, empathy, and spiritual wisdom helped to make that heart wrenching time bearable, and I will be forever grateful.  

Suzy, Wildwood, Mo.

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