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Insight into the client experience


My work — it is service to a higher calling, really — means the world to me. I am grateful for every minute of it, and I hold my clients and their loved ones in my heart forever. Here, they speak for themselves. — Amy

A deeper sense of peace. 


I remember my first call with Amy, the morning after emailing her in the night about my dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis. I recall her words so vividly in that conversation, “We will find peace for you, your family, and your father”. Hearing her say this brought me so much comfort from the beginning primarily because I could tell in her voice that it was true.


From that point on Amy guided me and my family through my father’s dying process with such ease, grace, and compassion. She was knowledgeable and seemed to anticipate our needs before they even occurred to us. Working with Amy truly empowered me in a way that is so incredibly invaluable. I cannot imagine going through this process without her by my side. She turned an extremely difficult and painful situation into my greatest honor — being able to care for my father, in such a way that gave him peace he needed on a soul level. Our work together allowed me to be a pillar for my father and my family while also prioritizing my own needs. It was a balance I had always desired throughout my life, but had never struck until then… in the chaos of my father’s dying process of all times.


Beyond my father’s passing, Amy helped me to connect with him through her mediumship gifts. Through her I was able to recognize signs he was giving me and take comfort in knowing the care we gave him during his transition was positive from his perspective. I was able to better be guided by him through our session and take comfort in knowing that he was okay, whole again and at peace. I was able to get answers to questions I had for him, which is invaluable.


I can’t say enough about Amy’s heart, compassion, and authenticity. She is truly one of the biggest gifts I’ve received in this lifetime and without her guidance over the past six months, I would be in a much different place in life. But with her help, I have been able to deepen my spirituality, and understand life how is happening for me, and to grow with that flow.


No one should have to take this journey alone. Amy is such a blessing, and will entirely transform the death and dying experience. She holds space for all of it and leans in and shines light where most people are unwilling to look.


Amy really helped me open up the lines of communication with my dad about so many difficult things. She helped foster conversations that needed to be had to give everyone involved a deeper sense of peace.


She is my hero!

— S.S., doula client

Indispensable guidance. 

In trying to write a review about Amy, it’s hard to know where to start. She helped us so much both spiritually and practically, that it is difficult to get it down on paper in one succinct thought. 


From her spiritual gifts, to the way she helped us to navigate the red tape of hospice, her guidance was indispensable. Most people don’t have much experience in dealing with the details of the impending death of a loved one, and to be able to have Amy’s calm steady presence was everything in those moments.


Her intellect, empathy, and spiritual wisdom helped to make that heart wrenching time bearable, and I will be forever grateful.  

— S.H., doula client

Comfort, stability, and peace.

Looking back, one of the things I appreciate most about my experience with Amy is that she was keenly aware of what I was and was not ready to hear, and she threaded that needle ever so carefully. When I initially reached out to her, I had no idea what a death doula even did. I just knew that my mom’s health had taken a sudden turn for the worst and I didn’t know what to do. I expected her to give us a checklist of things to do (I love checklists!). She certainly did offer support in the “logistical” area, but she also gently introduced ideas about how we could support our mom’s spiritual journey and offered us emotional support along the way, too.


Amy’s superpower was anticipating what we would need, when we would need it and being there to offer support without ever overstepping. She brought comfort and stability in the midst of a storm. Even more, she gave me the courage to follow my own intuition about what my mom needed and how we could best help her make the journey home. Most importantly, her presence brought peace to my mom, who initially approached death with so much fear and anxiety. In the end, my mom's transition was peaceful and 100% on her terms. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I owe much of that to Amy. 

— S.S. #2, doula + mediumship client

Creating community.

Amy is a gifted, knowledgeable, compassionate, resourceful, proactive, and humble human being. She is filled with love and is eager to share it with anyone. She makes those around her feel at ease and creates friendships and community every time she gathers with people. Amy is real and down to earth, yet her belief in what those in the afterlife show and tell us is compelling and thought provoking. She is open minded and considerate, and offers her opinion in a gentle and caring way that is never condescending; rather, it is spoken with thoughtfulness, and from her heart.


Meeting this woman may change your life / may change your perspective on life / will change your perspective on death and dying / will be one of the best and most fulfilling gifts you can give yourself.

I carry with me these specific lessons from Amy's classes: 

  • There is more to dying than the final breath.

  • Be in the space and the moments that follow a loved ones death-this is your last opportunity to be in their physical presence (though the spiritual presence is significant and gratifying too).

  • Show love whenever and however you can.

  • Be the light.

— C.S., class participant

Meant to be for me.

Your class was meant to be for me. I am not questioning anymore if this work around conscious aging, dying and death is what I am supposed to focus on. It kinda feels like a burden has been lifted. Thank you.

— G.R., class participant

Death doesn't have to be scary.

Thank you for the work you did for my family. You reminded me of my spiritual connection and inspired me to reconnect. I am so grateful for the lessons that I've learned during this experience, and hope that I can continue to be open and pass on the wisdom that you have taught me. 

— Erin Mohr, doula client

Note from Amy: Erin wrote a beautiful Facebook post about her experience, which I shared on my blog. Read her entire post here. Excerpts below:

About two years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer ... These past two years have been tough to say the least. I was scared that I would lose my mom, scared I wouldn't have anyone to talk to. I feared death. 

When my sister suggested we work with one of her friends, Amy, who is a death doula, honestly I thought it was stupid, but if that would make Sara feel better, then why not. 

My mom's health took a sharp turn south in the beginning of May. After the first meeting with Amy, I felt at ease with the idea that my mom would find peace, but I was far from truly understanding it. I was still resistant to the information she was giving me, at the same time this extreme intuition started coming over me to fight for what my mom needed and wanted despite what it might look like from the outside. 

The last 2 weeks of my mom's life were spent at home in hospice. In that time, I had the ability to grieve, find closure, and forgive/ask for forgiveness. My already close relationship with my sister became stronger, which made my mom so proud. In that time I unknowingly started to hear the wisdom the death doula was teaching me and my sister. I started to understand that death is not necessarily something to be feared, but just another turn in the road of life. 

As my mom started to progress, I watched her prepare for the journey. It was beautiful, our time together was beautiful, and the lessons I started to learn were not only beautiful, but a true gift. I have grown so much in just three short weeks, and it's safe to say I'm not the same person after this experience. 

I have never felt so good about decisions that I have made, as well as felt so at peace with the outcomes. My mom was so at peace and so comfortable. It truly was a surreal experience. 

Death doesn't have to be scary, it can be truly beautiful. 

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