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Inbox Readings

This fully personalized offering — delivered to your inbox with no effort required of you — provides you with an infusion of insight, support, and guidance from Source energy gathered during dedicated time Amy spends in the knowing field on your behalf.


In all of her offerings including this one, Amy serves in the highest vibration, for the greatest good of all, across all space and time. The content of your reading will reflect this heart-based commitment.

How This Works

  1. Select a time slot on Amy’s calendar. (Click the "Schedule" button below.)

  2. Complete the booking and payment process.

  3. Receive your reading in your email inbox within two hours of your booked time slot. (You will not log on, call in, or otherwise present yourself.)

What Amy Does

During the time slot you selected, Amy connects with Source energy to channel your reading, providing both her (and you!) with peace and quiet, privacy, and space and time to engage in what presents itself. 


The Source energy Amy channels can include her guides, your guides, your passed loved ones, saints and angels, ascended masters, benevolent beings of light — or any one or mixture of these. 


Amy transcribes Source’s messages and then emails that transcription to you within two hours of your appointment time. You will most likely receive this transcription in the form of a pdf. (Occasionally, Spirit asks that Amy speak the channeling, in which case you will receive an audio file.) This transcription may also include images of oracle cards, her handwritten notes, or doodles from her time spent connected.


Things to Know

  1. Amy channels Source energies directly. She transcribes the messages without editing or commentary as they are FOR YOU, not her.  

  2. Source energy knows best what we humans need to receive in any given moment, so you will receive the messages you need (versus want). Please keep in mind that the divine guidance Amy channels is all knowing and wholly wise; trust what you get and that it was meant for you at this specific time. 

  3. The reading you will receive is a living document. Please take time and space to review it and discern from it what resonates with you. And allow it to keep speaking to you over time… Sometimes, the nuggets of wisdom that Source shares reveal their relevance only later.

  4. Each of us has free will to decide our path. Amy’s mission is to share Source messages with you to help empower you — nothing less. If the messages you receive do not resonate with you and/or evoke any fear-based beliefs whatsoever, please discern what this means for you and take responsibility for your own reactions.

  5. Readings are not a substitute for therapy, mental health support, or any other medical intervention. The disclaimer applies to any and all services Amy provides.


Follow-Up Support

If you would like to discuss the contents of your reading, ask questions of clarification, or otherwise seek connection about it, you can schedule a 20-minute “Reading Add-On” call with Amy. You will be provided a link to do this at the very end of your reading transcript.


Important Notes 

  • All sales final, no exceptions. 

  • In the highly unlikely event that Amy is unable to connect with Source energy on your behalf, you will receive a full refund.


"(My reading) is so specific. It speaks to exactly what’s in my heart. I’m grateful to have it in writing so I can refer back to it often and re-read it when I need it."


 "Until you have a reading like this or even a mediumship appointment, you don’t realize all the support and guidance that’s all here and available to us at any given moment. I am so blessed to know this now. It has changed my life, my whole outlook. Thank you."


"I did not expect to receive what I got. It was far more detailed and personal than I could have imagined. I was blown away."
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